Welfare reform.

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Unemployment, urban slums, and poverty affect every society in one way or another. Welfare was created to aid those who cannot support themselves or earn a living, whether it is poverty or a disability. While it is conjured up in one sentence, welfare poses many issues that need to be reformed. Changes in the economy, a weakened social support system, and welfare recipient's incentives for staying on welfare all call for changes. Welfare needs to be planned so it helps the community, makes best of funding, and does not encourage dependency. Immigration standards should reform by supplying them with knowledge and funding and the majority of money should help urban communities.

Supply immigrants with knowledge and some federal funding

As of the current harsh laws (IIRIRI), immigrants, legal or illegal, who have worked or lived in ten years or less are given very little funding and are being denied many benefits.

Non-qualified aliens are ineligible for any federally funded assistance except non-cash emergency medical care, crises, disaster relief, community-based services, and certain housing assistance if they were already covered at the time of enactment.2 Before the new law, aliens were able to receive social security retirement, disability, Medicare, and other benefits if they were working at the time. Qualified aliens are given same eligibly as non-qualified aliens and school lunches, foster care/adoption assistance, and some education assistance. 2 A few exceptions to these rules would be veterans, refuges and asyless, and those who are under delayed deportation. 2

Most immigrants applying for welfare are the elderly and disabled who need assistance the most. Close to 100,000 elderly will remain ineligible under the current law.2 SSI will be eliminated and poses a threat on how money will be used to fund nursing homes. The elimination of SSI will also stifle plans...