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Biology Midterm Review

Chapter 1: Introduction to Biology

Biology- the science of life; study the diversity of life, research diseases, develop technologies, improve agriculture and preserve the environment.

Made of one or more cells (all organisms are made of one or more cells0, displays organization (the levels of organization in biological systems begin with atoms and molecules and increase in complexity), grows and develops (growth results in an increase in mass while development results in different abilities), reproduces (organisms reproduce and pass along traits from one generation to the next), responds to stimuli (reactions to internal and external stimuli are called responses), requires energy (energy is required for all life processes), maintains homeostasis), adaptations evolve over time (adaptations are inherited changes that occur over time that help the species survive)

The characteristics of science: relies on evidence, expands scientific knowledge, challenges accepted theories, questions results, test claims, undergoes peer review, and uses the metric system.

Our knowledge for science increases as scientists experiment and make hypothesis and theories. It is through these evaluations we may come closer to finding a solution.

There are relations between science and pseudoscience. One of the pseudoscience is Astrology, which is the study of the stars and the planets. Mathematics is used in astrology to determine the phases of the moon, which here on Earth creates tides due to the moon's polarity.

The importance of the metric system is that it is used when collection data and performing experiments.

The steps of the scientific method: observe, collect info, form