Were Sports Different in the 1920's and 1930's than today?

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Many people wonder if sports were different 80 years ago than it is today. Well I have done some research and figured out the answer. With the research I have found I determined that sports have changed a little bit but overall each sport is basically the same. Some of examples of sports that have not changed a lot are hockey, baseball and the Olympics. Hockey's National Hockey League got started in 1920, which is still around today. The game has changed slightly since its beginning but it is not a whole different game. Baseball hasn't changed much and it doesn't have to because it is just as exciting as it was when it became popular in the '20's and '30's. For the Olympics every 2 years the same magic is there today as there has always been.

The game of hockey became a professional sport way back in 1890.

But in 1920 was when the National Hockey League came on to the scene. The same excitement, violence, media coverage and labor disputes were around then just as they are now. The game of hockey has been known as a game of much violence. There is not so much violence in the game today but still is known for being a violent game. In fact, in the 1920's when players got in a fight, they would not drop their gloves and have a fist fight, they would wack each other with their sticks and that was accepted. The media coverage was just as crazy as it is today. Every where you went you would see something about hockey. Instead of families and friends watching the game on a TV like today, families and friends in the '20's and '30's would listen to it on the radio. Labor disputes are...