Why all schools should be air conditioned

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All schools across Iowa should be air-conditioned. If all the schools were air-conditioned we would eliminate the need to dismiss school early due to heat. During the first week of school this year students around the state got out early the first seven days of school. This puts a damper on the ability of the teachers of schools around Iowa to give our students a good and proper education I say this for many reasons. First, by dismissing school early all of the student body is rowdy and wound up. This was especially a problem for the students of lower grades, not so much in the high school. Another reason that all schools should be air-conditioned is that it is hard for the teachers to get anything accomplished. Because of the one o clock early outs all of the classes were only twenty to thirty minutes long. It is very difficult for a teacher to get all the way through a lesson or lecture and then check an assignment from a previous day.

By the time they do all this they have to give assignments as the students are walking out the door. Because the teachers have to rush through all of their material the students of Iowa don't get an adequate education. Yet another reason that all schools in Iowa should be air-conditioned is that by dismissing school early for the first week or so sets a trend for the students. Because of the early outs students get used to getting home at one or one thirty. Then when the weather cools down and school goes back to a normal schedule students are extremely bored and anxious for the dismissal of school. Because of this it leads to rambunctious behavior and provides yet another hurdle that our teachers have to climb over.

In conclusion, we should support all legislation that gives money to our schools, allowing them to install air-conditioning units in the schools. By doing this we will give our children a better education, help them stay focused during the school day, and help our teachers our by giving them a full school day to work with. If we support our schools in trying to get air-conditioning installed then we provide our children with a better education, which will in turn help them get in college, which will help them get a better job and overall lead to a happy and successful life.