Why America Should Keep the Cuban Trade Embargo

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Should the Cuban trade embargo with the United States be lifted? No, it should not be lifted. The Cuban trade embargo should not be lifted for many reasons, reasons often hidden by those who blindly call for its abolishment based primarily on emotion and faulty facts. The main reasons that the Cuban trade embargo should stand are that, lifting the embargo will not pull Fidel Castro from power, irregardless of what naysayer s of the embargo believe, secondly the embargo should stand because Castro although dormant is still a threat to the U.S. and it's interests in those fledging democratic nations in Latin America.

First of all when making an intelligent decision as to whether or not the embargo should be lifted or not, one must take in to account the facts. One must also refute any myths and or faulty facts, some of these faulty facts concerning the Cuban trade embargo are that: the embargo never worked and will never be of any use to the United States, Lifting the embargo will relinquish Cuban suffering, and that by trading with China the United States is being hypocritical.

Firstly the embargo is in fact working, although in its early days the results were hard to see, as a result of the USSR giving $5 billion a year to Castro; with which he used to create a murderous regime and mask Cuba's economic collapse caused by his failed Marxist revolution. However, the embargo is now at its most constraining moments so far, now that the USSR is out of the picture, and any action by America to lift the embargo would mean making a serious strategic folly. Also the United States has always said it would lift the embargo under three conditions, if Castro agreed to hold open elections,