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Why Broadcasters Want your Camcorder Footage A major factor that can influence the aspect of a video projection project could be the idea that people cam be involved in the news reporting process. I mean the difference between shooting with a live camera crew and a professional news reporter is that a normal person shoot the best way they know how. The y shoot to capture as much as they can. So in other words when an amateur shoots a video it brings a fresher quality to news reporting. This all started when a woman had a certain personal problem . Now instead of the woman keeping it to herself she wanted as many people as she could, to learn about what has happened to her! Television companies found that leaving the storytelling to the viewers has become an ant of its own. About 15 years ago television broadcasters found that people could tell their stories and seem more human like.

The viewers could relate, to the people that it was affecting to, rather then the news broadcasters.

News directors need to acknowledge the fact that the viewers are going to be in the newsrooms whether they like it or not. This has resulted in the "marriage" of entertainment and news. There's never a been better time to submit tape for television. More shows now than ever are using amateur footage as part as their programs, news broadcast and features. Here are a few of the media outlets actively searching for video: Unfiltered, Real TV, America's Funniest Home Videos, and World's Funniest! These shows pull tapes from many sources and use a variety of services to find the most exciting tape from around the country! Whether it news, entertainment or a completely new style of television yet to be invented, it's clear the role of amateur videographers will become very important as we move into the next few years. Technology has made it possible for all viewers to shoot the kind of stories they want to see!