Why did the number of people migrating to Britain increase during the three decades following the Second World War?

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There are several reasons why the amount of individuals migrating to Britain improved for the duration of the thirty years following the Second World War. Many soldiers from Britain's overseas communities were made to join armed forces. Many men from the Indian sub-continent and the Caribbean islands contributed to the war effort. This therefore emphasised their view of themselves as loyal British Citizens fighting for their country. The majority of the men were based in Britain for the war and were able to have a first-hand experience of the British life. Several of them decided that after the war they would remain in Britain. The Caribbean and Asian soldiers assumed that if they came to Britain they would be treated equally as Britain tried to illustrate that all the cultures had united as a team.

People felt like they were encouraged to come to Britain because they considered Britain as their mother country and they sensed a stronger loyalty towards Britain.

From 1948 to 1952 about 1000 West Indians established themselves in Britain. Around 60% came from Jamaica. There was a sudden increase after 1952. From 1956 London Transport began recruiting staff in Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica. The feeling of encouragement didn't last too long and therefore was a short-term cause of the increasing population in Britain. The Caribbean Agency persuaded people to come to Britain by advertising good-quality employment in England.

There were numerous economic reasons for the increase in migration. Firstly In 1947 India regained its independence from Britain and the two states India and Pakistan were created from the old Indian Empire. This partition led to social and economic struggles with a lot of Hindus and Sikhs losing their homes and land in Pakistan because they were forced across the border into the Indian province of East...