Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People

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Why is a question many people ask, and so many people can't answer, why? Why should bad things happen to good people? Why should good things happen to bad people? These are just some of the billions of trillions of questions that are asked by kids and even adults. So many times the answer is I don't know.

Many People are killed every day weather it be drunk driving, drugs, suicide, murders, anything, I could list them forever. The question is why do people choose to wreck or end others life? Why would you want to end someone's life? Maybe he or she had a good life, but you know what you did, you just tore it into little pieces and through it out the window, like it didn't matter at all. Then they take you and the one you hit to the hospital, but they soon find that you are fine, the person that you hit is not, he laying there in a hospital bed on a stretcher with his head in a vice, taped to a board, his arms and legs cease to work, he is paralysed from the neck down.

Even if the doctors could save him, his life would be restricted to a wheel chair; he could not move his arms to eat, or his legs to walk. Now think about that, close your eyes and imagine, this man, lets say was going to collage, he had his whole life planed out. He was going to be a mechanic and make thousands of dollars. But wait, bang!!! A car from out of nowhere hits you and you are paralysed for life. It was because of a stupid choice that that man made. He made the choice of drinking and driving and to end you life.