Why do realists believe international politics to be 'recurrent and repetitive'?

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IntroductionIt might be imagined that defining and description of and old and deep-rooted theory as realism would be very easy to make. Unfortunately, realism it is nothing else than and diversity, for example there are plenty of various types of realism for example classical realism and neo-realism. Moreover, as Jack Donnelly states we should not be surprised/disclosure with it, because even in traditions of authoritative defining text, such as Marxism there are plenty of different interpretations and emphases (Donnelly 2000: 6) .

In opinion of Donnelly, as many commentators have noted, realism is a general orientation as rather than a precise set of assumption and propositions. For example, "a philosophical disposition" (Gilpin 1986: 304), "attitude of mind" with "a quite distinctive and recognizable flavour" (Garnett 1984: 110), "a loose framework" (Rosenthal 1991: 7) and a "big tent" wit " a room for a number of theories" (Elman 1996: 26). Therefore, realism is an theoretical approach to international relations that appeared and evaluated through many analysis (Donnelly 2000: 1)As it was mention earlier, realism is an well-established theory in history.

Thus, it is worth to present a key persons for realism theory as well as introduce some the key concepts of realism itself. Considered one of the originators of realism is Thucydides, who used realism to the Peloponnesian wars. Niccolo Machiavelli (Prince) and Thomas Hobbes (Leviathan) are considered as pioneers of realism. Among the first scholars to use the term "realism" were E.H. Carr (Twenty years of crisis) and Hans Morgenthau (Politics among the nations). Kenneth Waltz is another significant figure for contemporary realism who was very 'popular' and had a great influence on realism during 1970s and 1980s. All of them had their own conception of the realism. However, these theories share a family resemblance, conversely no single set of...