Why do we need to learn History and Literature.

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Today all around the world people are learning history and literature. These two subjects are very important to learn. Some people ask why we need to learn history and literature. Without learning history and literature, you would not be successful in life. History and literature are important subjects that everyone need to learn.

History is a very important subject that everyone needs to learn. Learning history can stop violence and violence can stop terrorism. One thing in high school that everyone studies in history is the Holocaust. During the Holocaust, millions of Jews were killed at the Concentration Camps. The people that killed the Jews were called Nazis. Nazis were cruel people that would do anything to kill a Jew. One of the main things the Nazis used to kill the Jews was the Gas Chamber. The Gas Chamber was a room that could hold about one hundred people and exposes gas.

Learning about the Holocaust can stop racism and violence in our generation. Another thing why history is so important is that you use history in some careers. For an example, repairing a old cars breaks would need a history because new car breaks today are different from back then.

Literature is another important subject that everyone needs to learn. Learning literature can help you speak and write better. Since last year my writing, reading, and speaking skills have improved. Literature also helps you with debating, coming up with ideas, and arguing with another's idea. For an example, today in class we had a group assignment that had to do with the best ideas. Everyone in the group was deciding and arguing about the best ideas they had. Literature will also help you when applying for a job. The manager would not want a person that...