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Does immigration have a positive or a negative effect on the workplace and labor unions? Describe one positive and one negative effect in detail. On balance will immigration help or harm the interest of labor?

The United States have people from around the world, so ethnic population becomes part of the American culture. Immigrants in the United States have impact on the economy and American workers. Less educated Americans who work at the bottom Immigration cause people to debate either it's positive or negative. Immigrants will often work that native born American will not do. They work for longer hours and for lower wages, business owner wants hire immigrants because they work long hours and for lower wages. This impacted the wages of American workers also on American workers who work at bottom level of the labor force where many immigrants work. Immigration has positive and negative effects on the workplace.

Immigrants have a positive impact on the America workplace. Many immigrants have different skills, less skilled immigrants work at agriculture, construction or household services. Immigrants and U.S. workers don't generally compete for same jobs. Especially in NYC it is hard to see Americans working as dishwasher and landscaping work. Their skills and educational levels at the lower job levels are different than those workers who are born in America. Immigrant workers are concentrated at the lowest wage jobs but have small percentages among American workers. Immigrants usually choose different occupations than the average American worker because that is the work that is available to them. These are jobs that American born workers won't take because those types of jobs are dishwashing in restaurants, farm work, landscaping work, low- level construction work. In reality immigrants do not usually compete against American workers, but compete against each other. Cause of low...