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William Carlos Williams

Life in the 21st century is something that many people see as a very fast- paced world. Electronics, technology and many other revolutions in the world have changed life, as it was once known. Many days are devoured by portable cell phones, cars and laptop computers. These days, it is uncommon to see many people that actually slow down enough to look at the big picture, and at things that are simple, yet still very amazing. William Carlos Williams is a poet originally from Rutherford, New Jersey whose poetry describes very basic objects and ideas, while at the same time still keeping the very important minimalism that many people lack in the present day. Williams is a poet who values life and the natural world to the very fullest. William Carlos Williams revolutionized both the styles of writing and the content at the time period in how he intertwined personal experience and life lessons with nature into his poetry.

Many works that William Carlos Williams wrote included the simple things, such as fruits, and simple machines. In a fine work of Williams, such as "The Red Wheelbarrow", the simple eight-line structure keeps the basis that "So much depends on the red wheelbarrow". In this poem, Williams talks about how "So much depends on the red wheelbarrow" but he does not tell you what it is that depends on it. By saying this, he is emphasizing that as simple of a machine as the wheelbarrow is, the owner of this machine is very dependent on it. Also, when Williams emphasizes that the wheelbarrow is red, the color red is meant to illustrate the scene. While Williams highlights the colors of the wheelbarrow and the chickens, he also breaks each word and stanza into its simplest possible...