William Wegman and His Weimaraners. By: Nicole Robichaud.

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It could have been longer and have some more details, but i was given a page limit. Mind you that it was for a photo 1 class.

William Wegman and His Weimaraners

William Wegman is the man most notoriously known around the world for those famous photographs of his pet weimaraners. But what else do people know about this unique individual besides his love for those adorable canines? I found I was asking myself questions about the man behind the camera while looking at some of his works, and I wanted to know where he came from, what his inspirations were, how he started taking photographs of dogs, and how he could be able to, seeing that my dog cannot even stand still for five seconds.

Many times an artist is inspired by his or her background. Wegman was born on December 2, 1943 in Hoyoke, Massachusetts. Up until the age of 6 he lied in Longmeadow Mass, and after which he moved to East Longmeadow.

He continued his education after high school in 1961 by entering the Massachusetts College of Art. In 1965 he left there with a BFA in painting. He continued on with his education even further by receiving a MFA from he Masters Painting and Printmaking Program at the University of Illinois in 1967.

Before taking photographs, Wegman became a university professor. He first worked at the University of Wisconsin. After a year there, he moved to Long Beach to teach at California State College. While teaching, Wegman's interest in other areas of art grew, mainly in video and photography.

Another important event in Wegman's life occurred in Long Beach California, which was the purchase of a six-week old weimaraner puppy named Man Ray after a debate and flipping a coin five times. Once the puppy...