window display for valentines day

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Major project

Window display for valentines day

Our major project was to make a window display for Valentines Day, for that we had to work in groups. First thing that comes to our mind when we think about Valentines Day is mostly red color all over and hearts everywhere. So we thought of a new concept for making it interesting. We searched around many sites to see what kinds of window displays there have been for valentines in many shops and we came across one of window displays, which was very attractive.

They had used the concept of king and queen of hearts and there was an ace of heart card through which a dart was passing by. They had cut off the inner part of the card and just kept the border of it and they had placed mannequins in front of it showing a man and a woman, in a way projecting the king and queen of hearts.

We came across many ideas but finally took the queen and king of hearts concept.

We then started to think about how can we pull this entire thing properly and create it in a different way. As the window was not that huge we decided to just go with the queen of hearts and just keep a single mannequin.

We started to progress with the idea and thought of making a dress for the mannequin. Now the thought that came to our mind was which colors should we use to make the dress. Rather than going in a cliché way and keeping the color red, we thought of making a black dress. We started working on the dress and Anthony sir helped us a lot in making it. There was a corset made with a sweet heart...