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Since man first walked the earth, there have been leaders among them. From the cavemen in their villages, to the pyramids of ancient Egypt, all the way up until where we stand now. However, one man has stood out above them all as one of the most powerful and influential leaders of all time; Winston Churchill. Churchill was the type of man that personified leadership. He was a fantastic leader in several ways. He was a great leader in war and as Britain's Prime Minister, which he was elected to twice. He also managed to revolutionize his country and helped to set up the welfare state of Great Britain.

The history of the 20th century from a political standpoint can best be written as the biographies of six key men: Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin), Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. The first four men were totalitarians who used revolutions to create monstrous dictatorships backed by fear.

Roosevelt and Churchill were different in that they were democrats. Churchill contrasted Roosevelt, in that Churchill was uniquely fueled by the challenges of contemporary war and sought and found accomplishment in leading the democracies toward victory.

Winston Churchill was great military leader for Great Britain during World War II. On May, 10th, 1940, he was given supreme command over Britain, serving as the Prime Minister as well as the Minister of Defense. Until 1941, Britain fought on alone in the war. It was Churchill's job to organize the defense of the island and to prepare for an eventual return to the continent of Europe after it was freed from Nazi tyranny. It was also his responsibility to inspire his people and to ensure them that the war effort was a success. Upon his election as prime minister he...