Women in the civil rights moment

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Good morning and welcome to the 2013 annual Women Rights Forum. My name is Casey Wood and I am here today to discuss the American Civil Rights Movement of the 1950's and 60's, with regards to African-American women. Throughout the Civil Rights Movement women were largely significant in reforming the rights for African-Americans in the United States. Even though women were not noticed as much as men throughout the Civil Rights Movement the women that were involved contributed positively to the social and political status of African-Americans. In today's lecture I will outline the reasons as to how the women played such a significant role in the Civil Rights Movement while including examples of three significant women.

The Civil Rights Movement begin in the 1950's when African-Americans started to take a stand for themselves in order to gain equal rights. The movement was incredibly important in American history as it changed the laws of the country.

Several groups were formed that were made up with people from different races, cultures and genders. Groups such as National Association of Women Lawyers, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the African-American Civil Rights Movement which all contributed to success of the advancement in the social and political status of African-Americans. This massive shift would not have been accomplished if it wasn't for the many women and men that were involved. However, women were often silenced when compared to their male colleagues. As a result the women that were heard, in particular African-American women would have had to take part in some stand that held un-doubtful significance for example leading protests or accomplishing various 'first' for African-American women.

One individual that is said to be the mother of the civil rights movement challenged the social status of African-Americans by simply...