Women In Combat

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The idea of women in combat is not uncommon anymore. Women should be able to hold combat positions, although physical and mental strength matter, the military needs women, the intelligence and thinking they bring is very helpful. Banning women from combat, hurts their careers. Even though only a small percent of women enlist themselves, they are still a major part in the armed forces. Performance from these women has generated an extreme amount of support from Congress and the public for enhancing the role of women in combat and the forces.

Women are classified as "male bonding," "good order," "too neat," nonsense that's left from the past. In other words its saying that women cant play baseball as good as men, or cant spit as far, scratch themselves as well as the boys. Units that are made of both men and women have bonded, cohered, and maintained excellent order in the past! Units that are made of the opposite sexes have accomplished missions, and passed inspections of readiness with sheer flying colors.

A great example of bonding with the opposite sex would be, Desert Storm. In Desert Storm, units performed as cohesive and effective even under fire. But there is always problem with mixed units, as where sexual tensions may arise, where a soldier might risk their life, over a another's.

During the Persian Gulf War, women were sent to the Middle East to fly helicopters, service combat jets, refuel tankers, and load laser-guided bombs. Their performance has led the world to realize that women are extremely useful in combat. The Gulf War had the largest deployment of women in the armed forces through out history. These women encountered the same risks and dangers as the men they served with. Women in the Air Force and Navy are barred...