Women’s Issues There are many social issues facing humanity today,

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Women?s Issues There are many social issues facing humanity today, one of the most important being gender inequality. Women especially have been exploited and treated unfairly due to the fact that they were born female. Male dominance was preeminent from the very beginning of history. The belief that women were naturally weaker and inferior to men, was and still is in many cases, instilled in people?s minds, despite even the church?s teaching on the issue. Therefore, violence, poverty, economics and gender stereotypes are some of the more serious problems that still affect women, especially in the more traditional societies, where women are generally at a disadvantage. And while globalization has the potential to enhance lives, its promise has been unevenly realized. Despite new initiatives and commitments, the sad reality is that the situation of the world?s women is progressively deteriorating due to globalization.

Economic inequality is a powerful weapon for undermining women?s worth, especially when it is institutionalized as ?normal? ? and things are getting worse.

The link between development and the rights of women has only recently been drawn required attention to. Ramachandra Reddy of India, a speaker at a meeting of the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee of the General Assembly, pointed out ?societies with the greatest gender equality had grown the fastest, and it must be recognized that gender equality is crucial to the development process.? The link between gender equality and development means that marginalisation of women must be stopped, along with the continued ?feminisation of poverty?. Globalization, a process whereby owners of capital are enabled to move their capital around the globe more quickly and easily, which has resulted in the removal of state controls on trade and investment, the disappearance of tariff barriers and the spread of new information and communications technologies, is leading...