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Thank you Mr. President for inviting all of us here to tea. It is a great honor for me to sit in the company of all these important and significant people of this century. My name is Susan B. Anthony and I have dedicated my life to fight for women rights in the workforce and in society. I believe I was invited to this gathering because I have strong beliefs in equal rights and pay for both men and women. Also, I play an important role in women suffrage and in many organizations including the National Women Suffrage Association.

Throughout the years, I have been campaigning for women rights through education, labor unions and suffrage movements. I was once an abolitionist, fighting for emancipation of slaves before the Thirteenth Amendment was ratified. I was active in the anti-slavery movement and campaigned for black and women full citizenship. However, I was disappointed when blacks were given the right to vote in the Fifteenth Amendment in the Constitution and women were not.

Education for all races and genders was also one of the things I have fought for. I called for women to be admitted as teachers, which were once only male occupations, and asked for a better pay for women teachers, for the salary of the men were much higher than those of the female. I also argued for coeducation, for there is no difference between the minds of men and women, therefore should not be separated. Organizations that I had founded called for schools to open their doors to women and ex-slaves and that all children should be able to attend public schools regardless of race. The Preamble of the Constitution supports this belief of mine because it states that to form a more perfect union, we must establish justice,