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Women's rights: a comparison between Egypt and Iceland

Name: Saskia Thomas

Student number: 1121251

Instructors: Mrs Lamberiks and Mr Kent

Word count: 1998


This paper will critically assess and compare differences between women's rights in Egypt and Iceland. Literature will be used in order to form concrete facts and suggestions about the topic.

Moreover, there will be a short but supportive interview with an Egyptian woman, in order to find out more about certain believes and backgrounds which may not be clear through literature reviews. The purpose of this paper is to get a better picture of the global issue of women's rights and to point out the major differences between the two countries with the best and the worst living circumstances for a woman. Countries start to pay more and more attention to women's rights, but still their living circumstances can be horrible in certain countries.


From Europe to Africa, from Iceland to Egypt: women's rights are still one of the most important social issues of which the essence differs worldwide. Notwithstanding the battle that many women have conducted, there are still a lot of visible inequalities between men and women. These inequalities determine a great part of the life...