What a Wonderful Night

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As I look back at a picture taken a few weeks ago and I smile. I rememeber the whole evening like it was yesterday. The wether, the atmosphere, the ocassion even the smells and tastes of the night. It was a night of anticipation, joy laughter, and drunken fun. As I look at my four friends and myself I can remember why we all look the way we do. Ryan trying to get in the picture, Joanna with a smile of innocence and kindness, jeff with a look of happiness yet evil, laura can?t stop laughing, and me just happy to be surrounder by such great people. The night was glorious as five friends engulfed in happiness and joy.

The night started off with my good friend jeff who we call ?worm?. Jeff is about five foot five and weighs about 140 lbs. He has a little boy looking face with brown eyes and brown hair and a baby go to on his labrete which is black.

He dresses like he?s from Hollywood. That night he was wearing a white Calvin Klein shirt which had grey stripes and flowers sewen into it. He wore diesel jeans which fit him beautifully; not to tight and not to loose. He looked so handsome (well for him). He and I went to the Marriott hotel in Irvine at about 4:30pm on a hot sunny Saturday afternoon. We had his new black civic valet and a concierege in a white and red suit with gold trim check us in and help with our bags. We got into the huge, gold encrusted, 15 floor elevator and rode it to the eleventh floor. The room had two queen size beds with floral bed spreads, and a coffe table with two chairs in the corner. There was a enormous desk made of dark red wood with a silver and gold lamp resting on top in front of a big, red and gold leather Donald Trump looking type of chair. About two hours after the two of us arrived my fiancee ryan and my friends laura and Joanna came to the hotel.

Ryan is a beautiful man. He is built like a body builder. The definition in his body is so nice. Muscles in his arms so big that I can?t even wrap my hands around them, the same goes for the rest of his muscle engulfed body. He had brown hair baby blue eyes which turn green when he?s wearing dartker colors, straight white teeth and also has a go.t. on his labrete. He was wearing a blue, purple, white, and pink striped Calvin Klein shirt with nice fitting jeans. Laura looks like an exotic beauty. She has blond hair with dark undertones, baby blus big eyes, a smile for days and olive colored skin on a rock hard body. As in the picture she a tounge ring which at the time was gold. Laura wore a skin tight, belly showing, butterfly shaped, backless, clevage showing black shirt and a pair of tight low rise jeans. She looked very sexy for the night. Joanna has an innocent look to her. Brown curious eyes, a sweet little smile, light brown long hair and a small petite body. That night she was in a tight black spaghetti strap shirt and a tight little mini skirt, which showed off her muscular cross country legs. I have short, punk rock, dark brown hair, dark, big, mysterious, brown eyes, a huge smile and big baby looking cheeks. That evening I was wearing a new pink 70?s looking halter top shirt that tied from the middle of my breasts and was see through after my chest and is flowing the whole way down. I was also in a pair of low rise dark colored jeans with light colored high heels.

Once we were all ready we rode down the big elevator to get our evening started. We walked out the huge, glass, double doors which glided open to the Marriott van. We all got in the white van which said Marriott on the side and joined an employee and an older man. This man had white hair on his head as well as his face. He was very nice and funny. We were taking pictures of each other when the man offered to take a picture of the five of us. As we sat in the van we tried to get as close to one another as possible. Ryan and I were in the back seat and jeff, laura, and Joanna were in the middle seat. We gathered together ryan and I trying to see over the seat all of us trying not to laugh to get a good picture; it was just that the old man was so funny. that?s why in the picture laura is laughing and the rest of us are trying to refrain from doing so. Once we reached our destination we all piled out of the van actually Joanna fell out, and oh gosh was it cold. The night froze our buns off. We were at our friend jasons night club in Costa Mesa called Prive which is a resturant seven days a week and a club every Saturday. The restaurant is called Chante Clare, which is a four star restaurant. The anticipated evening was finally here. We all showed the bouncers our I.D?s and walked into the enchanting night club. Black, blue, green, and pink lights filled the rooms while a DJ played music of all kinds behind a set of turn tables. The bar was employeed by all women bar tenders; most of which were blonde, fake breast, beautiful looking girls. We were all having the time of our lives. Drinking, dancing, hanging out with all of our other friends. The drinks were at least $7 a glass and all tasted so bitter sweet from the mixture of alcohol and fruit flavoring. Every one was dressed so nice and sexy that not one person there looked ugly. It was a place filled with beautiful people, pretty lights, and fun, fun, fun! The laughing and talking that night was unbelievable, it was like none of us had seen each other for weeks and had a lot to say. It was a glorious evening.

As we went back to our beautiful hotel probably extremely more drunk then when we left, we each felt like the night shouldn?t have ended but it did. We went back to our rooms now two, because our friend Brett ended up getting a room also and he and Laura and Joanna stayed in that one. We all passed out and when we awoke to a blaring sun, a star bucks coffee smelling morning and spliting headaches, which felt like we had all been hit by buses; all we could do was talk about how wonderful the night was.

It was an enchanting evening which started out good and ended up great. I would do this night over and over again if I could. The night was glorious as five friends engulfed in happiness and joy. We went from just getting ready, getting in a fun, exciting, van to a party full of beautiful people and joy. This picture captures each and every ones unique personality and I think even though it was taken in a van by an old man, just by looking at it explains how great the night actually was.