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WOODROW WILSON The name of the person I read about is Woodrow Wilson,but when he was young people called him Tommy.When Tommy was only a year old his father [Dr.Wilson]moved his family and him from Virginia to Augusta,Georgia.He moved in 1857.Tommy's father became pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Augusta,Georgia.

Woodrow came from a strict,caring household.Dr.Wilson liked to take Woodrow places like cotton mills,iron and steel foundries,and other local industries.He did that to teach Woodrow the manufacturing processes.Dr.Wilson also taught Woodrow respect for other people.His mother[Jessie Wilson] was shy and reserved,but looked and acted like Woodrow. Woodrow's life was different from mine by the way he went to school. His father taught him till he was nine,and then he went to school. Woodrow spent some of his spare time with his gang, called the Lightfoot Club.

Also when Woodrow was fourteen,his education was continued at a private school with fifty boys enrolled that cost seven dollars an hour.

One of the parts of the book that I liked was when Woodrow Wilson won the Presidency.One of the things that helped him win was when he made two alliances.One alliance was made with Colonel Edward M. House.The other was made with William McCombs.

Both of these alliances profound effect on his future.

A sad incident that happened in this story was when Woodrow suffered his paralytic stroke.Rumors spread that Woodrow was incapable of handling even the smallest duties.Wilson kept succeeding though.

There was still many people that believed in him.

If I could choose one thing that Wilson did that I could do it would be a lawyer. First of all most lawyers make a good living. Another thing is...