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Table of Contents

Introduction 2

1. Background of Woolworths 2

2. Rationale for expansion to China 3

Discussion 4

3. The Differences of national-culture between Australia and China 4

Power distance 4

Collectivism vs. Individualism 5

Femininity vs. masculinity 5

Cultural Issues 6

Strategy for Managing Key Skills 6

Model Human Resources Strategy Map Figure 1…………………………………………..7

84. Recruitment and selection �

8A. Respect for age and hierarchy. �

8B. Face and harmony. �

8C. Group orientation. �

8D. Personal relations or Guanxi. �

9Recruitment techniques �

105. Compensation, Benefits and Social Insurance �

11Recommendations �

111. Understanding of China �

112. Understand local business practices �

113. Acquire local knowledge and establish local presence �

114. Establish close relations with government officials �

12Conclusions �

13References �

14Appendices as appropriate �



1. Background of Woolworths

Woolworths's history in Australia is 86 years; they started their business since 1924s.

The original prospectus showed the proposed company as 'Wallworths Bazaar Ltd' an obvious play on the famous F. W. Woolworths, name. However when it was discovered that F.W. Woolworths hadn't registered the name in Australia and had no plans to open in Australia, the name was changed to Woolworths. On 22 September 1924, the Company was registered as 'Woolworths Limited'. (Woolworths, 2010)

5th of December 1924, Woolworths opened their first store in Sydney. Woolworths have achieved its aim of establishing a supermarket and expanded to Brisbane and Perth in 1927s and 1928s. The following years, they have expanded to Victoria, Melbourne, South Australia, and Adelaide even expanded to Tasmania since 1940s. (Woolworths, 2010)

In 1986, Woolworths launched The Fresh Food People to Australians across the country. Woolworths is a trusted name in the day-to-day lives of millions of Australians. Twenty one years after the introduction of "The Fresh...