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As the words and sentences went streaming across the computer screen during an instant message conversation, we both said things we shouldn't have, things that were quite humorous but unkind and cruel. Angie was mad at me for sticking up for Troy and not her, and I was mad at her for what she did to Troy. I was only trying to be a good friend to Troy, the way I always have been, because as it appeared to me, he didn't like her too much.

Angie and I were acting like a couple of little rodents fighting over a piece of cheese. I was so aggravated that he said he didn't like her in the same way she apparently liked him, and yet, she still kissed him. I didn't know her at all, so I didn't know if she was your stereotypical "harlot," if guys thought she was easy, or if she was just another nice girl with a guy on her mind.

All I knew was that I had this best friend, a guy named Troy, and he was one of the most important people in the world to me. I was going to stand up for him all the way. I also knew that from past experiences that she wasn't too fond of me and loved to give me dirty looks a lot. Anytime I would go into the store where her and Troy both worked, she would give me dirty looks and say mean things about me. Angie wasn't my favorite person; just as I'm sure I wasn't hers.

After hearing about this, I talked to one of my other friends, Brian Zehntenbauer, who lived in the same town as Angie and Troy, and coincidentally went to the same school except graduated in 2001. I told him all about what she did, and how I didn't like her in the first place and my whole reasoning behind it, and with a small little chuckle in his voice, he sent the word. "Did I forget to mention Angie is my cousin?" he said. I freaked out. How could I tell someone what a horrible person their cousin was, and know them for as long as I have known Brian, and yet not he never told me that small little detail that can changed everything in my story? I was furious, outraged, even a little upset. Although, knowing that she was Brian's cousin gave me a chance to get her AOL screen name.

It was only hours later that Angie had signed onto the instant messenger service and I quickly sent her a message. I might have approached the subject in the wrong way. I mean, I do not think that, "Why did you kiss Troy?" before explaining who I was or why I was talking to her in the first place was the best idea. She didn't seem very nice to me, although after how I had approached it, what is nice? Angie wondered who I was, she even asked me, I told her that just like everyone else in Salem and Lisbon, she should have known. "My name is Nikki," I told her, "this summer's "New Girl" to the town, the one you used to give dirty looks, even talk about. You know Angie, the one that you didn't like because Troy liked me, and you being a lot prettier, it made you insecure and that was why you cut your hair off; you know, to make yourself look a little better?" I could have been her best friend, yet became her worst enemy. I was upset, and who wouldn't be? She messed with my best friend, then only made herself look worse by saying other things, such as, "we even slept together," and, "we did more too, want to know details?" That to me is making yourself out to be a slut, but I am not anyone to judge another person.

As we exchanged our words, and argued back and forth, she told me that Troy was lying to me and that I shouldn't believe anything he said. I remember time after time when I had caught Troy in a lie. I started to think if Angie could be telling the truth and that possibly Troy had lied, maybe he did kiss her. I hated to think of my best friend as someone who would lie to me about something so childish, but with Troy, it was possible. Sadly enough, I fell into her trap, she was the annoyed human and I was the little mouse running through her house. She knew she could do or say the right thing to trap me in her nest. I then became furious with the one person I had planed to fight for, the way I always had. I was loosing my best friend; it was over a stupid situation, and something that I had always been against. I cheated Troy out of his friendship; he lost his best friend, and lost Angie as a decent friend too.

She babbled on and on about a bunch of nonsense that didn't have much meaning to me anyway. Then she said something that hurt, a lot. She told me that Troy kissed her. In another words, Troy lied. She even changed her personal profile to some argument between them showing that troy had asked her if he just fell into her mouth. Quickly disgusted I blocked her and called my other best friend Lizzy and told her what was happening, this time I was in tears and couldn't help but to scream vigorously about how I hated Troy beyond all belief. She was on the instant messenger service at the same time as I was talking to her, and had explained to Angie that Troy lied to me and all I was doing was sticking up for my best friend, the same way I always do. When I got back on the computer, Angie had apologized to me and I accepted. Whether or not that was a mistake, I was still unsure of.

Later that night I talked to Troy, he didn't agree with anything I had told him she said, but he didn't deny it either. I was in shock that the truth was, he could actually lie to me. I didn't understand the purpose of his lie; it just didn't make sense why he would make such a stupid decision. Here he was, suppose to be my best friend, and yet, he was cold and cowardly towards me. I still, seven and a half months later, don't know who it is lied to me, but I do know, I don't care. The reasoning that I was trying to make my point about was that, I feel that my value as a friend to Troy was to back him 100% all the way. Instead of backing him, I folded into Angie's scheme, and was stuck in her trap against Troy.