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Most of us in the work force either have worked, or will work with someone that does not pull there own weight at some point in our careers. I have unfortunately had the misfortune of working with one, two or even three of these individuals at the same time, depending on the office size. It has not only been frustrating, but at times has caused me to question my own work ethic. These people are protected by the law and can not just fire them. Why! Because they can say that they were fired due to race and you will them have an investigation on your hands to prove your innocence.

I have had moments of weakness and have even considered slacking off. Yes! They usually start out as we all do, eager and ready to take on any task or assignment. Well! We all know the act does not last very long it's usually within weeks or a few months there enthusiasm quickly fizzles and there true colors come out.

I have often wondered how these individuals made it this far in life and how can they sleep at night knowing that they are earning the same or significantly more than there co workers. Who are not only producing more, and some times a better quality of work? They are so self indulgent that they don't even realize how unfair this is or are they simply just plain selfish and think the world revolves around them and everyone in it is here for there use and abuse? I thought in my younger years that this was a characteristic of people whom had been raised in middle to upper class families, but now I have come to the conclusion that laziness does not discriminate. I have worked with people...