The world effects from Gilgamesh.

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The World Effects from Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh is the earliest text in existence, being over 3,500 years old, it gives insight into that time period and how people of that time thought and lived. Those cultural values of ancient Mesopotamia helped in the development of the basic ideas of both Christianity and Judaism. In knowing this, one can infer how important the story and legend of Gilgamesh is and was to the people of that time and of today's society.

In knowing these facts, which go hand and hand with The Bible, historians can show that some of the texts within the body are in fact modeled from the story of Gigamesh. Such as the epic of Noah's ark, this is a great example of how some of the ideas of The Epic of Gilgamesh were copied or used in The Bible. There were some subtle differences, such as the names and a few other things, but the basis of the story are the same.

"Forsake possessions and seek life, belongings reject and safe life! Take aboard the boat seed of all living things. The boat you shall build, let her width and length be equal, roof her over like the watery depths........I brought out a raven and set it free, the raven went off and saw the ebbing of the waters,(Gilgamesh, p.86)" this excerpt from the text signifies how instrumental Gilgamesh was to the foundation of The Bible. The tale of Noah's Ark is taught to children all over the world during Sunday School, you see without the tale of Gilgamesh surviving till today, that tale would not be in The Bible and imagine how different the church's teachings would be.

In a sense of parallelism, one could compare how Gilgamesh begins his epic with the building...