World Hunger

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World Hunger

Have you ever gone to bed hungry? Was it your choice? Were you being punished, or were you on another so called diet, that required you don't eat after a certain period of time?

Most likely it was by choice and for different reasons, but I'm sure that whatever the reason, it wasn't something you would like to do very sporadically. For most of us here in the United States it will never be a problem or a reality. If it does however become a reality, why did it and what can be done about it?

World Hunger has been, and will be a devastating and undesirable issue for the years to come. Here in the United States we live in a society that is largely overweight and obese. These types of problems develop because Americans have easy access to large portions of food. Drive-up windows to fast food restaurants are commonly the solution to a quick and easy dinner for a mother that has been at work all day.

As Americans we are not prone to world hunger like most of the rest of the third world countries are. They do not have the capabilities of accessing food like we do in our country. This is why hunger is not as big as an issue in America as it is in other countries around the world.

The government in the United States is set up so that most people won't go hungry or starving. If you are one who lives in the Unites States there is really no logical reason to hunger or becoming homeless and starving. It's probably your fault if you do in fact starve. Here in the U.S, Food stamps are available for lower income family's to help them purchase food and groceries. Commodities...