The World Is Not Enough

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THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH The time was 2003. There was a Lebanese king named the Great Basher of Camelot. He was the second to serve king in the newly founded government of Lebanon. Just like his father, he was a clever and strong, Lebanese king. His words were influential to people and he was respected well by his people. King Basher used his good looks with his long black hair spread out like a lion's mane, his tall muscular physyc and his easy-going attitude to help others. He only wore the finest clothes and the most beautiful and expensive jewelry. King Basher was young for a King for his father died early in life and left his thrown to his only son. Young Basher was only 20 years old but had a wit of a wise old man. Basher was a war hero known for his superior strength on the battlefield.

He killed men by the hundreds with his customary platinum Arabian sword. At this time in his life, King Basher was going through many dilemmas. He was on a conquest of taking over the whole world and at this time his country was at war with America and Canada. At the present time he had taken over Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. Basher and his army were very powerful, known for their brutal leader. King Basher's strength came from his god. He could have demolished the Americas within days if he wanted to but there was one thing that was holding him back. He had a love that lived in Canada and was infatuated by her. She was the daughter of the President of Canada (in this story Canada is it's own country and not a sister to England). King Basher had known this daughter for only a short while but had connected with her and fallen in love with her instantly. He began to spend more and more time with her. He trusted her fully and gave her his world. Under his tough exterior that he presented to everyone, there was a gentle soul that wanted to be loved.

The day after the takeover of Japan, Basher threw a party in his country in Beirut. The whole country was celebrating for they knew that this was a stepping point for the rest of the world. There were people on the streets dancing and drinking, making noise and cheering. Everyone in the country was happy except for one individual. King Basher had left everyone and stayed in his bedroom in his glorious palace. He kept himself busy by polishing off his famed sword that single handedly broke through the mass force which Japan had setup as a trap for Basher and his men and made it's way to the throat of the Japanese President and cut him from ear to ear. He was up in his room thinking about his meaning in life.

He was having thoughts on his stature in his future kingdom and how to run the world after he took over. But most importantly he was thinking about his future with this new woman in his life. Basher ordered not to be disturbed as he recalled the special times he had with this special woman. He recalled the first time that he had met her and how she first appeared to him. She had a tall, slender build that suited her perfectly with her nice legs, perfectly curved behind, and big round melons. She had the most wonderful voice that sounded so soft and sweet. Her face was so perfect that it looked like god had taken his great hammer and had chiseled out the absolute human face. Her hair was long and gorgeous having the most beautiful black waves floating back to reaching down to the top of her hips. She had a smile that could tranquillize the most savage of beasts and the cutest little button nose. But the most outstanding features were these enormous saucer eyes that protruded out of her face as though they were reaching out and engulfing you after you became hypnotized by them. All these special features were topped off with a brilliant mind and suave body language. After he got to know her, he became enchanted by this wonderful personality that she possessed. When she spoke, it were as though she had specially chosen the most extravagant words and weaved them together to structure these seducing sentences that completely flip the entire life of any person that heard them. Spending more and more time with her and really opened him and began to affect the way he perceived things. He found that he began to have more patience with people and found that his thirst for world domination had grown weaker. She had really touched him and opened him up to his more sensitive side. That night he went to bed seeing her face in his mind.

King Basher had a busy schedule and rarely had anytime for anyone in life but he would go to her and spend intimate moments with her. He made himself time and would go on the verge of ruining his entire operations just to please her. He would not only do this to please her but to please himself also because being with her would change him in to a better man. He want to surround himself with people that were dear to him so that he would not forget who he was and what he had in his life so every evening he would, without refusal from anyone, invite all his family and friends to his palace and around his one of a kind, 40 meter oak dining table to rejoice in their daily events and everyone would tune in specifically to what the king had to say for he had the most interesting of stories and so many lies to say to. Although his real life adventures were nothing short of make believe, his stories were absolutely spine tingling and gave confidence to everyone who heard them. For this day after the great battle something very unusual had happened. Something unpredictable and out of the ordinary which was not expected by anyone, he was joined by this enemy princess at the table. King Basher brought her into the room facing everyone who he passed by holding his head high and fitted her hand tightly in his. Everyone watched with their eyes peeled wide open and their jaws dropped to the floor but no one dared to speak a word for they knew that it may mean instant execution for King Basher always carried his well-known sword in his hand everywhere he went. He had himself a seat followed by his newly sighted guest and the rest of the observers. Everything was quiet for the moments that passed until King Basher used his gift of convincing others that everyone else became comfortable with this odd situation. By the end of the night, all the people around the table wanted to hear the news of this stunning woman that sat next to the king.

After this great shock that occurred at dinner that evening, it was not an unusual sight to see the king hand in hand with this angel for a woman. This then grew to simple kisses and hugs in public, which then made their way into passionate scenes. Every moment that King Basher spent with this princess, his feelings for her grew uncontrollably stronger. At this point in time, his number one goal was to please this person who he loved and only cared about how she was feeling and how to make her happier. King Basher did this by always preparing fresh flowers for her to wake up to and purchased expensive gifts that he believed she would like. Basher loved her so much that he believed that he had found the person who he would want to spend the rest of his life with. So that night he made up his mind and decided to propose to her as they were have a personal dinner under the stars in his private garden sanctuary. Her face showed great signs of delight and over-whelm. She gratefully accepted this honor and they finished this glorious evening with and soft kiss that went on well through the night.

Early the next day, King Basher made his way up to the podium on his balcony in front of all his loyal citizens awaiting the King for a speech. He spoke to his people making a very simple but affectionate speech. He talked about all these changes that have been taking place and how can cope with them. The King mentioned the expansion of his kingdom and how he can satisfy the people. But the most shocking news that came to the people was when the King announced his feelings toward this special person and how she has found the key to his heart. He pledged to cherish her and love her for the remainder of his life and into death. After a short silence in the crowd of millions that had gathered, there grew a small applaud that made its way out from the very last of the people and spread through the millions. King Basher gave out a high wave of his massive hand and blew the crowd a heart-warming kiss. After his great speech of declaring his new wife, he had retired down to his chambers with his newly wed wife and closed his eyes to fall asleep in her lap thinking how wonderful his life was and how magnificent and trusting this person who he has found is to him. He rested his eyes for just a moment feeling peaceful and secure that he was with a love that was greatest of all. He then began to feel her soft hands running through his long hair with the gentlest touch as she massaged his scalp. Her hand moved down around his thick neck just brushing around his windpipe putting him into deeper relaxation. Her hands moved lower onto his muscle ridden body making circles as she ran her fingers in the crevasses of his ripping muscles.

Then with on swift grab at his sword, she ripped it out of his hand and with it drove it through his chest perfectly into his heart and laughed at him as she witnessed the life in him evaporated out his lungs. He struggled as he died and staring deep into her eyes as she turned the sword deeper into him as it escaped out his back. He paused for a moment to gather his thoughts and it then came to him as he died giving out a terrible shout. The King then yelled out at the top of his voice "Finally!" as he passed off. This innocent look then came over his face and faded out as he died. Just a quickly as it began, it had ended. The girl eventually fled back to Canada to her family and was reward for her act. Then the empire that was so strongly fastened together was unraveled apart.

King Basher eventually caught up to all those that had deceived him in heaven and killed them all making him happy ever after.