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The Dreadnought was the first major warship driven solely by steam turbines.

Plus they were also faster than any other warship and could reach speed of 21 knots.

BY 1914 British Navy had 19 Dreadnoughts (13 under construction) compared to Germans 13 (7 under construction).

In 1915 produced the Queen Elizabeth the first of the Super-dreadnoughts.

Trench warfare

Trenches had the zigzag form, for better protection to soldier.

Conditions were poor and badly made, deziece were common.

For soldiers trenches were like being in a grave.

The life there was like walking on razor blade.

You can't go out of those trenches, because enemy can easily kill you.

You should stay always in this layer of mud.

Day by day, year by year. Until you will die or the war will end.

The Battle of Jutland

Now when I am writing about this plan, I think it wasn't so hard to understand.

But in 1916 the time was chaos and confusion reigned.

The Germans had the best of exchanges, but Britain fleet was simply too large.

German sank 14 British ships and lost 11 themselves

Both sides dimmed to won the battle.

On one hand Germans caused more demand than they received.

On the other the battle of Jutland certainly began to be one of the most important battles at the sea.

The Schlieffan plan and plan 17

The schlieffan plan and plan 17 were easy but risky.

The idea was to send Germans forces through Belgium and quickly knock France out of the war

The theory was that Russia would take a long time to mobilize (get ready to war)

The plans were to defeat the trenches in 6 weeks- it failed.


U boats campaign can be broken into two distinct phases.

1st was aimed at...