World War I.

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World War I

World War I, one of the largest and lengthiest wars in written history, enticed many countries around the globe, causing great nations to eagerly participate. Many reasons explain the ignition of the flame of hatred between the European Countries, as well as the resolution between them. The first catalyst of World War I, the Von Schlieffen plan, whose objective engaged in the occupation of France and Russia in eight weeks, originated from Germany. The original plan was to take out France in an estimated time of about six weeks and then eliminate Russia in about two weeks. Russia had a very little army and therefore was able to be dealt with in only two weeks and only after Germany finished France off. Unfortunately for Germany, a Serbian who supported Balkan independence assassinated Franz Ferdinand, the archduke of and Russia had to help them. So Germany decided to attack Russia first and declared war on Russia.

As a result of this happening, there was a chain reaction of alliances. There was first the triple alliance, which consisted of Britain France and Russia. The opposing side allies were Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire. Due to the Triple Alliance, France and Britain had to get involved with the Russians to protect Serbia. So after Ferdinand was assassinated, both sides declared war on each other and World War I broke out.

Woodrow Wilson in August of 1914 announced to America that he was staying neutral and he urged for the Americans to stay neutral as well. Even though he said that, he had much stronger ties with the alliances and favored them. He would trade a lot more and give them a lot more ammunition than they gave to the German side. He was not actually...