World War I.

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"Knowledge is power lets take over the world"-Nostajik

So many battles, so many wars, and so much bloodshed. The unprecedented amount of casualties, deaths, destruction and cruelty will truely make this century one to remember. With all this negativity a form of positivity was forged from it. We now have a higher technology and better understanding of how to react it certain cases in order to prevent mistakes made int he past. WWI and its prime example of the potential dangers of nationalism, militarism, and alliances. Although those actions or beliefs on their own can be positive it was the negative that brought the world in the state of world war. For example nationalism: brings a country together unifying it therefore working better and stronger and more effeciently, alliances: creating peace and understanding for support of two or more nations,militarism: makes a country stronger and shows developement in the countries economical areas.

Although it was these "positive" things that created the disatrious events of the war, there it was also beficial. WWII showed the world of the extent of what bigotry, descrimination, and desperation can lead to. Vietnam and Korea both gave future wars a form of guideline on how to handle certain situations in upcoming wars and fueds with other nations.

It was known as the war to end all wars: "A war to make the world safe for democracy", as president Wilson had said in a speech to congress on April 2, 1917( Marshall 32 ). World war one was a war mixed with both the old and the new. New technology was used, sometimes for the first time. Many new weapons and styles of warfare were first used in the war. But many times the generals on both sides resorted to the most primitive style, of just...