The World War one.

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Brief information of world war one

World War One Essay

War. It has been around for years and has constantly changed the shape of the world. But one question that will still make you wonder is what caused the first world war? Sure the common answer would be the assassination of the Archduke of Austria-Hungary,but how could something so small cause millions of death and be connected to so many different countries? Historians have asked themselves the questions over and over again until four deep causes came to them that made things make a little more sense. Imperialism, militarism, alliances, and nationalism. What are they? What do they mean in this case?

How did imperialism come to be one of the four deep causes of the world war? European nations argued over the possession of faraway colonies because they were economically important. Without colonies, nations would be unable to build empires that spanned the globe.

So you can imagine how violent things got if there weren't enough colonies to go around for each nation. At some point, two or more nations would claim aa colony to be theirs and eventually go into war over this. And if the nations were part of the alliance, more nation or countries would get involved. An excellent example of this would be the Boer War. During the starting of the seventeenth century, Dutch settlers, also known as the Boers, came to the southern tip of africa and forced the original African inhabitants to leave. Immigrants from other countries followed into the country and Britain took possession of the Cape Province in 1806. But the Boers acted fast and tension grew between the Boers and the British. In 1899, under the leadership of Transversal President Paul Kruger, the Boer declared war on Britain. Britain...