WWI paper through the eyes of a reporter in the middle of the war.

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The war in Europe has just broken out!! This is a World War and is considered to be the "Great War." People have labeled this due to the thought that this is to be the war to end all wars. So far, this has proven to be false. In fact it actually has made war easier to fight with twice the destruction and loss of life. It has given way to new types of weaponry such as the machine Gun, new models of rifles, and also chemical and biological agents. WWI was also a breakthrough for military tactics. WWI was the war of trenches which means that this was the first time that trenches were used to use the shoot and hide method. Along with the trenches, precision bombing proved to be useful in hitting that which they could not see.

The Germans used the term of "blitzkrieg" to classify the tactic of swift accurate bombing then punching through the battle lines with their tanks.

The newly developed fighter planes performed the swift accurate bombing, which was revolutionary and vital for winning the war. Ground troops, along with dealing with the air raids and land attacks, had to deal with the new, unfamiliar weapons. Gas masks, introduced during the war aided in the troops survival of the chemical agents that were constantly being sprayed and spread throughout the front lines. The paragraphs to follow will go into more depth of the various weapons and tactics that led to the completion of the "Great War."

Weapons of the War at Hand

The weapons of WWI, with out a doubt, helped win the war for the Allied Powers. Tactically, the machine gun was so effective under heavily defended entrenched positions, it forced the leadership to change its battle strategies. There...