X-ray and its use

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Application of X rays

How has our knowledge of x-ray helped to communicate and allowed us to develop technology?

What is "X rays"?

X Rays are one of the types of light, however, it is a electromagnetic radiation, which has much shorter wavelength than the visible light. Because of this nature, x ray can penetrate most matters while visible light cannot. Thus, X rays is able to allow us to see flesh, bones, metals, and other substances inside the body. Generally speaking, x rays are now one of the most useful tools in medical, technological, and scientific world. X rays' roots go back to when Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen discovered them in 1895 and this is why it is also called "Roentgen rays". A week later, he took an X-ray photograph of his wife's hand which clearly revealed her wedding ring and her bones as you can see from the picture beside.

The reason why he called X rays refers to the mathematical meaning of X. Roentgen called the phenomenon X rays because the symbol X stands for the unknown and people didn't know that x rays are electromagnetic radiation until 1912. The units of X rays is rads and roentgens. ("X-rays", Nasa.gov)

What are the uses of "x rays"? How is it used to address problems?

It was just a few weeks that x ray was used in medicine after his discovery. Since then, we have been using the x ray in many areas in science and industry. In fact, x ray help many dentists and doctors to detect diseases or other foreign objects inside our body. To speak specifically about the detection of diseases, it can detect cancer, abnormal areas, or kidney stones, which contributed to our world. Before back then, we...