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Every year my family and I have a tradition of going to our favorite restaurant and discussing our next year goals. We have been coming to Yamato Steak house for over seven years now and it never gets old. The reason why is probably the quality of food and great chefs with their awesome skill of cooking.

Also it's a great place to have a conversation and maybe a little drink after a long day of work or even a long year. The atmosphere for a family is probably one of the best I have seen around here in Myrtle Beach.

One of the reasons we like that restaurant is probably because of the all chairs set up around the table where chefs cook their food. Personaly I think round style tables bring conversations together and also family members like to be seated with everyone. I like the waiting period when the chefs cook the food in front of you because no matter how full you are by the time they are done cooking food you will be hungry again.

The chefs are easy to talk to because they are always joke around with their customers. That's really important to have that kind of skill because customers would like to know what are they eating and with what.

One of the coolest things that restaurant has are the chefs. Every time we come to that place chefs always have some kind of fire action with food and skill of flipping food. The dress code is really profesional, and it gives you the impression that the chefs know what they are doing. Many chefs are Asian, so the style of preparing the food is different than in United States. And I think it gives to that restaurant a little twist...