Yayoi Kusama

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Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama is an artist whose style intrigues the eye, the use of spots and a wide arrange of colors emphasize the art works completed by this artist. Yayoi was born in Matsumoto, Japan in 1929 and has lived in Japan for the better portion of her life. In 1958 Yayoi took a trip to New York City, where her art quickly became recognized for the uniqueness and usage of circular repetitive patterns. "The art that grows out of my canvases forms an environment, aspires to build a new stage on our time, involving the audience who suffer from the same obsessions as mine." (Matsui) During childhood Yayoi Kusama suffered hallucinations which impacted the works of art; this is where the repetitious patterns would come from, she would have these hallucinations where she would see dots, nets and flowers which eventually appear in her works of art. (One Room) In an untitled work completed in 1953, (Untitled), Yayoi Kusama uses this style of patterns to create a work which is unique in the fact that the painting has many colors, but no real design.

"Kusama's works, which she qualifies "obsessionnal", is based on repetitions and multiplications of signs: as a child, she remembers having had the hallucinatory vision of a pea-shaped motif decorating a tablecloth at home being repeated throughout the room. Since then, her universe and her installations are inhabited by a multitude of colored peas and also mirrors and phallic shapes repeated to infinity: one remembers the "Repetitive-vision, Phallus-boat" shown at the gallery in March 2000." (Wye) The viewer is left to interpret the intent and the message trying to be relayed. Yayoi returned to Japan in 1972 and currently voluntarily resides at a mental institution. Yayoi Kusama graduated from the Kyoto Municipal School of Fine...