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Native American contrast essay In this essay I will contrast the way the Indians and us live. I will explain it three topics. The first of the three is technology, the second is life styles and the third is families (in particular order).

In the modern day Indians didn't have much technology. We have came up with a lot more advanced technology since then. Are life's now involve TV's. This is a better way of living it helps us keep up on the news going around the world. Second we have radios. Which gives us the ability to listen to something while we did some other work. When they were in there day they danced and played songs to keep them entertained. We also have newspapers. This lets the ones with out TV's and radios know what's going on around the world. In the same since they didn't right on paper the wrote on walls.

The family styles of the natives were different in many ways. One is they put there families before any thing else. They also traced their families all the way back as far as they could. This let them know every thing that happened to them in their history. They saw it as families was the most important possession and they couldn't be replaced like any thing else could.

The life styles of The native Americans were way different they the way we live now. For instance we have better homes. We have houses that enclose the heat when it's cold and encloses the cool when it's hot. Back then they had teepee's and what ever it was out side that's what it was inside the teepee. Another example is they had animal skins for warmth and we have blankets. We also have better cloths than they did. We have cloths for the different seasons they have the same thing over and over. Last but not least we have jobs that can give us all we could want as long as we could pay for it. We don't have to trade something that we needed for something that we could buy these days.

Well in this essay you have learned about the values of the Indians and us. You have learned about the families, life styles and the technology now compared back then. Well thank you for your time hope you enjoyed.