How the young generation, helped Bill Clinton win his elections.

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How the young generation, helped Bill Clinton win his elections

Quotes: He answers his questions very honest, cocky, and sometimes almost resembles a classic American rock star.

"You know the one thing that is wrong with this country? Everyone gets a chance to have there fair say."(So if you disagree with Clinton, you shouldn't have a fair say)

"You don't need an uzi to go deer hunting, and you don't need an AK-47 to shoot skeet."

"You can't say you love your country and hate your government"

"A lot of wonderful people love their country and hate the military (notice a little bit of contradiction there.)

"The other thing we have to do is to take seriously the role in this problem of...older man who prey on underage women...There are consequences to decisions way or the other, people always wind up being held accountable. (Unless they are an intern)

"There is no question that an admission of making false statements to government officials and interfering with the FBI and CIA is an impeachable offence.

(Little does he know)

"I was thinking about you last night, Helmut, because I watched sumo wrestling on television."(He just told the leader of unified Germany that he looks like a sumo wrestler.)

"When I was a younger man and had a life" Stated Clinton, "I owned an El Camino pickup in the '70s. It was a real sort of southern deal. I had Astroturf in the back. You don't want to know why, but I did."

"I am the only president in who knew something about agriculture when I got there"(Jimmy Carter, Harry Truman, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington who were all farmers before they were presidents.)

"I didn't inhale"(Which is not true because one of my very good friends...