THe Zebra Storyteller

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The Zebra Storyteller(new ending) (continued.... after paragraph five) So the little cat tied him up, killed him and dragged the zebra to his den.

The cat had a feast that night. He was really proud of himself and what he was able to accomplish that day.

Now, the cat really thought he was a lion. After all, he had lived in a den, had just succeeded in killing a lion and had the hair style of a lion (a mane).

The very next day, the cat went and boasted to all his cat friends that he was a lion. He showed off his lion-like hair style which he thought was beautiful but his cat friends thought it looked really silly. He bragged that he was able to hunt zebras.

All his cat friends didn't believe him, they really wanted to see him successfully hunt a zebra. They had to see it to believe it.

So, later that day many cats went to witness the cat attempt to hunt a zebra.

The cats were walking through the woods when they heard a zebra coming. All the cats quickly hid behind bushes and rocks.

The Siamese cat said "Hello there, isn't it a beautiful day" to the zebra. The zebra was amazed that the cat was speaking like a zebra.

Just then a lion came and ferociously attacked the zebra and the Siamese cat. All the other cats witnessed the lion devour the zebra and the cat and ran away.