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An essay about AIDS:epidermiology, causes, pathology and symptoms

in U.S.A, AIDS has been reported from more than 163 countries around the world and an estimated 10 million people are infected worldwide. Worsestill, the pool of HIV- infected persons in Africa is la ...

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Computer Crimes

ook place in Russia between June and October 1994. Six people were arrested in the scheme, in which $10 million was allegedly shifted from Citibank to accounts in Finland, Russia, Germany, the Netherl ... ts in Finland, Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States, Israel, and Switzerland. Of the $10 million stolen, $400,000 has not been recovered. The clients who lost money have been reimbursed ...

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reality, marijuanasmoking is extremely common, and marijuana is the recreational drug of choice formillions of mainstream, middle class Americans. According to the most recent NIDAdata1, between 65 a ... data1, between 65 and 71 million Americans have smoked marijuana at some time in theirlives, and 10 million are current smokers (have smoked as at least once in the last month).In fact, NIDA (National ...

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Little Lushes

ProblemUnderage drinking is wide spread through out the United States. According to Klaidman, of 10 million people under the age 21 who admitted they'd had a cocktail in the last month, 4.4 million sa ...

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"Alcoholism among college students." Authot Irina Volosciuk

treat alcoholism? These are the main questions that we think about every day.There are more then 10 million drinkers in our world. Alcoholism is the one of the oldest world problems. Alcoholics "becom ...

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Privacy - What about it? ... A comprehensive and easy to understand overview of public key cryptography and the main tool to apply it: Pretty Good Privacy.

ed into a science exchange and finally penetrated critical mass. Today the internet houses some 200 million citizens. Five years ago it sheltered 10 million. That is growth unseen of!In other words: W ... an you be sure that a public key is comming from the claimed source. On the net, which contains 200 million people, how can you be sure that a public key from me really comes from me? You can't! At le ...

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Eating Disorders

tional activity, associated with most holidays, bringing joy to many people. However, for nearly 10 million people in the U.S. alone, eating is an enemy. These 10 million people suffer from some sort ... orexia nervosa or Bulimia nervosa.The first and most common eating disorder, affecting nearly seven million women and one million men each year, is Anorexia nervosa . Anorexia means the loss of appeti ...

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The Ozone Layer.

n atoms and is colorless and odorless. Ozone is much less common than normal oxygen. Out of each 10 million air molecules, about 2 million are normal oxygen, but only 3 are ozone.However, even the sma ...

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An analysis of Soviet economic development from the years 1928 to 1967

ially the expansion of steel production.Under the First Five-Year Plan Soviet steel production (5.9 million tons) fell far short of the prescribed target of 10 million tons: but large-scale industrial ... asin (Kuzbas).The Second Five-Year Plan brought a spectacular rise in steel production more than 17 million tons, placing the Soviet Union not far behind Germany as one of the major steel-producing co ...

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World War I, military conflict.

world. World War I was one of the most violent and destructive wars in European history. Of the 65 million men who were mobilized, more than 10 million were killed and more than 20 million wounded. T ...

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Impact of Human overpopulation on Social systems and the environment.

In less than 4 years Tokyo, the world's largest city, will reach a staggering 27 million people. San Paolo, Brazil will reach almost 20 million, and Mexico City will reach 19 millio ... n, and Mexico City will reach 19 million. Sixteen other cities world wide are expected to exceed 10 million inhabitants. The planet is undergoing rapid urbanization, more then half the world's populat ... dozens of times their recharge rates, and we have embarked on the greatest extinction episode in 65 million years. As capitalism fails in more-and-more countries, these countries will begin to disinte ...

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TV and the Election of 1952

so much that the political potential of the medium began to be realized. That year, an estimated 10 million people saw the conventions. But there was no commercial sponsorship of network coverage of a ... ability to use television effectively.By the time the 1952 conventions rolled around, there were 18 million sets, mostly in homes, which covered 39% of all homes in the United States. These numbers ar ...

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is. One in eight men over 50 has the disease but, the disease can strike at any age. In the U.S. 10 million people are estimated to already have the disease and 34 million more are estimated to have l ... them at increased risk for osteoporosis. The general amount spent on the disease daily is about 48 million a day (17 billion a year).Statistics*There are 10 million Americans who are estimated to hav ...

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Social and Economic Effects of Land Redistribution Programme in Zimbabwe Erdem Kilic

g to government figures, whites owned 40 percent of Zimbabwe's agricultural land which is around 10 million hectares as recently as 1980, but black Zimbabweans live in over-crowded communal areas whic ... but they owned 40 percent of the most productive land as recently as 1980. Meanwhile, more than one million black families have struggled to survive on land that was allocated to blacks by the colonia ...

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Women on the Homefront

al household chores and get new jobs as the work force was greatly depleted. This was due to the 10 million men serving their country in the war overseas. Women were not used to the fact that they wer ... et the women to join the work force and join in the patriotism of the country. By 1944 more than 19 million women were employed by the American war time economy.With the extreme need for women to join ...

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Sainbury's management information system

ury plc. J Sainsbury plc is one of the world's leading retailers, playing a part in the lives of 15 million customers a week. John James and Mary established Sainsbury Supermarkets in 1869. Sainsbury' ... t offers over 23,000 products - 40% of these are Sainsbury's own brand. Sainsbury's serve nearly 10 million customers at 432 stores throughout the UK each week. Of these stores, 17 are in Scotland, ni ...

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Movie Review on a great movie "Showtime". Main actors are Robert De Niro, Eddie Murphy and Rene Russo.

y has acting skills and wants to show off. They were forced to work on the show because of the $ 10 million lawsuit. They fight against Vargas, who is a millionare and owns his club where they fight f ... ub where they fight for a first time. Also Vargas kills everyone with his new designed gun worth of millions.Acting Analysis: Acting very good, accept the fact where main actors always win in fights.2 ...

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The sun

equivalent to 1027 ergs per second. Large flares can release up to 1023 ergs of energy, which is 10 million times greater than the energy released from a volcanic explosion. The amount of energy relea ... than the energy released from a volcanic explosion. The amount of energy released is equivalent to millions of 100-megaton hydrogen bombs exploding at the same time. It is caused by the release of ma ...

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Going to the Emergency Room? Get in Line Behind the Others

emergency room, thank the government for the inadequacy of public insurance programs. There are 10 million uninsured children in the United States; 8 million of these uninsured children are eligible ...

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When Should Have the US Declared War in WWII?

couple years in college. They would need more time to prepare than the already trained army. The 10 million draftees needed eight weeks to complete training. If the US declared war nine to ten weeks a ...

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