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Why Tocqueville believes that equality leads to a love of centralized authority.

Equality makes men independent and unwilling to submit to another will. This love of political liberty leads to free institutions w ... eads to free institutions where one chooses leaders whose actions will support his own independence and freedom. In America, this has taken shape in centralized authority.One reason for this is that c ... of the community. It is only with effort that men "tear themselves away from their private affairs and pay attention to those of the community;". This is because in democratic times private life can ...

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The End Justifies the Means

s quotation could be applied, especially in today's society. This statement does have its positives and negatives. However, it still has some values. Most people look at this statement and ponder why ... and ponder why this individual believes in such a thing. Believe it or not people do live like this and value it's simplicity. The statement is significant because it can justify many world issues tha ...

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Human beings can only live in peace if they live in a state

mon territory try to shape self-sufficient political organizations in order to regulate their lives and serve their necessities in an organized way. In this essay, I will try to illustrate why I belie ... itical organizations to live in peace. In other words, firstly I will focus on the concept of peace and how peace means to me. Secondly I will focus on the state of nature where state doesn't exist in ...

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Pokemon: Misty's Poem

As the moon and sun both shine down upon us I am with you, always by your side Our travels have brought us close ... u, always by your side Our travels have brought us closer, butThere is something more than just you and I;A soft fluttery feeling, deep inside of meNever do I want to let go of itHappiness dances abou ... ss dances about in my soul,As I drift through an endless dreamThe road we travel upon, it never endsAnd the laughs we share forever brighten our dayHere I am at peace, at peace with myself and my thou ...

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Indian ocean tsunami

peace, the whole human race will be destroyed.I feel radiant peace in my life when I do everything and anything I want without having people judging me. And also, radiant peace for me is when I eat a ... tarted doing something in order to achieve it? Everyone needs to find what makes his world peaceful and do it.Lobna Mostafa Arafa15 years

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