Pokemon: Misty's Poem

Essay by Kerry_901 August 2005

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As the moon and sun both shine down upon us I am with you, always by your side Our travels have brought us closer, but

There is something more than just you and I;

A soft fluttery feeling, deep inside of me

Never do I want to let go of it

Happiness dances about in my soul,

As I drift through an endless dream

The road we travel upon, it never ends

And the laughs we share forever brighten our day

Here I am at peace, at peace with myself and my thoughts

No one can harm me, and no one can harm you

Abruptly it all ends, and the mist clears from the path,

No longer do I dance with you in my dreams, or tell you all that I feel

Forever isn't real, a thought only my heart could have explored

But now we say a thing unimaginable, we have to say farewell,

For how long I don't know, and when our eyes will meet again, I cannot tell

But this I can say Ash Ketchum, and with all my heart it's true,

I will always and forevermore love you.