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ADD- What is ADD? How is it diagnosed?

ame thing, though ADHD is the official name which doctors use.ADD is something that kids, teens, or adults can have. This does not only affect kids but also adults and teens. There are many people wit ...

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Adult ADD and ADHD references included

ften diminishes with age, the other hallmark symptom--inattention and impulsivity--can persist into adulthood and pose lifelong challenges (Ards, 2004)." Often, ADD goes unnoticed in adults and adoles ... ks (Ards, 2004)." Being that there are not neurological or blood tests to determine the presence of adult ADD, it would take therapy sessions in which the therapist looks into your childhood for the m ...

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

with the inattentive kind of ADHD are not the only ones whose disorders can be missed. For example, adults may think that children with the hyperactive and impulsive subtypes just have emotional or di ... l then determine if a diagnosis should be made ( attention-disorder symptoms for adults and children are essentially similar, adults may exhibit less hyperactivity and more reports ...

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