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Tv Shows and Real Life

atch them because they give us something to do, a way to relax, something to help pass the time. We all watch different shows, some people like 'Married...with Children', some are repulsed with it, bu ... ain shows? How do these shows portray the average American, or do they portray average Americans at all? These are questions many writers have attempted to answer, at least one column in almost every ...

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"The Martian Chronicles" by Ray Bradbury

'Your's will be mine soon'Al Bundy faced the problem of finding out who's land was who'swhen his neighbor and him got into an ... nding out who's land was who'swhen his neighbor and him got into an argument over an apple tree. Hecalled in a surveyor and they found out the tree belonged to Marcy, hisneighbor, and Al became jealou ... ed to Marcy, hisneighbor, and Al became jealous. Al and his family then electricuted Marcy.Marcy retaliated when she found out that she owned Al's driveway. Afterthat, Al was forced to pay a 5,000 dol ...

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Media Analysis Paper

Media Analysis Paper Married with ChildrenMarried with Children was created by Ron Leavitt & Michael G.M ... l G.Moye. On November 27, 1988, Married with Children became the first Fox show to deliver a 10% of all American households were watching the premiere of the episode "Poke High"�. With the 6th ... 3;. With the 6th season premiere on September 8, 1991, it hit the number one spot again with 29% of all US TV sets tuned in. Married with Children had 259 episodes in 11 seasons that premiered from Ap ...

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