"The Martian Chronicles" by Ray Bradbury

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'Your's will be mine soon'

Al Bundy faced the problem of finding out who's land was who's

when his neighbor and him got into an argument over an apple tree. He

called in a surveyor and they found out the tree belonged to Marcy, his

neighbor, and Al became jealous. Al and his family then electricuted Marcy.

Marcy retaliated when she found out that she owned Al's driveway. After

that, Al was forced to pay a 5,000 dollar fee to drive in his driveway. Just as

desolation arose from the greed for land between Marcy and Al, the same has

happened with man throughout history. In the book, The Martian

Chronicles, this theme is portrayed with a passion. Man's lust with

imperialism leads to destruction.

Man's greed for land causes desolation. In the begginning, a first

expedition is sent to Mars to try to colonize it. This plan is cut short when a

Martian, who has telepathic abilities, senses the men coming.

When the

men land, they meet a martian with a gun and so ends the first expedition.

Next, another group is sent to try to gain land on Mars. These men land and

go knocking from one door to the next saying that they were from Earth.

Each martian tells them to go to another person. Finally, the men come to a

house where a man gives them a key and says they 'will be taken care of' in

the next room. They enter only to find that they are locked within an insane

asylum. They are taken next to the ship and then killed. In the third

expedition, the group lands and at first think they are on Earth but traveled

back in time to the year 1920. The captain and one of his men tell his...