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Biography of the great mathematican Eratosthenes.

ays are parallel. Eratosthenes remembered from geometry that the size of the Earth's center between Alexandria and Syrene equaled the size of the angle he had measured. The result he got was 250,000 s ...

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Biography of the mathematician named Diophantus.

bout Diophantus's life. Some of the things I found though were that he studied at the University of Alexandria in Egypt. He is know as the "Father of Algebra". He did numerous things for the world of ...

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biography on cleopatra

CleopatraCleopatra was born in 69 BC in Alexandria, Egypt. She was born into royalty and took over the kingdom when her father Ptolemy Aulet ... nd in 48 BC she was overthrown from office, and forced to flee. Later that year Caesar showed up in Alexandria. He brought with him soldiers and it was obvious to everybody what his intentions were. C ... Caesar. Her and Caesar were lovers and it is thought that Caesar planned to maker her the ruler of Alexandria.After some wars and things Cleopatra ended up as the sole ruler of Egypt. Caesar must hav ...

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Alexander the Great.

ted in 336 B.C.E., he became the King of Macedon and later the King of Asia. Alexander also founded Alexandria, after completely defeating the Persians at the battle of Arbela in 331 B.C.E. He died in ... utrage. He also captured the family of Darius and extended his conquests to Egypt, where he founded Alexandria and completely defeated the Persians. The biggest conflict that Alexander the Great was f ...

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Elasticity of Demand: Elasticity of Cigarettes in Alexandria

Elasticity of Demand: Elasticity of Cigarettes in AlexandriaThe article discusses the impact of the increase of cigarette prices in Alexandria. It dis ... urage consumers to buy less? If so then the product would have a certain measurement of elasticity."Alexandria officials hope most smokers will respond o the increase like Miss Salgado did - complain ... terday her smoking days could soon be over if prices hit $5." This clearly shows that cigarettes in Alexandria are not close to be perfectly elastic.In some cases, income elasticity of demand can be r ...

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Blood Makes All the Bad things go away

ich in turn causes them to feel the need to punish themselves by inflicting pain to their bodies." (Alexandria)Considering Self injury may occur after trauma, the name given for the clustered symptoms ...

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Euclid: The Math Wiz

y in Athens and dwelled there until Ptolemy I asked him to teach at his newly founded university in Alexandria. At this school, Euclid founded the school of mathematics and remained there for the rema ...

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Archemedes by lizz petri

out his father and we learn this from Archimedes' work, The Sandreckoner.Archimedes was educated in Alexandria, Egypt. Archimedes' friend, Heracleides, wrote a biography about him, but this work was l ... e mathematics developed there. This speculation is much more certain because he sent his results to Alexandria with personal messages. He considered Conon of Samos, one of the greatest achieving mathe ...

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Archimedes- A biography.

is highly likely that, when he was a young man, Archimedes studied with the successors of Euclid in Alexandria. Certainly he was familiar with the mathematics developed there, and he personally knew o ... hematicians working there during his life. He regarded Conon of Samos, one of the mathematicians at Alexandria, both very highly for his abilities as a mathematician and he also considered him a very ...

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Alexandria was a Greco-Roman city at the Western end of the Mediterranean on the Nile Delta, and was ... e true 'treasures' were found.Goddio discovered the exact location of the ancient royal quarters of Alexandria that had been under the harbour about 1,600 years ago.The key finds from this first missi ... ng that Alexander used Antirhodos as a landing area for boats before the time of the foundations of Alexandria.Finds in the second phase were - the very rare statue of the Great Priest of Isis, a head ...

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How did the texts you studied help shape your definition of change

are challenged to change themselves.'Remember the Titans' is a movie set in an American town called Alexandria and it's about the T.C. Williams High School Gridiron team, the Titans. The movie is set ...

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Bubonic Plague

ough the Italian colonies in towns along the black sea. Merchants carried the disease from there to Alexandria in Egypt; then moving to Damascus and Libya in 1348 and upper Egypt in 1349. Venetian and ...

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Euclid Of Alexandria

Euclid of Alexandria To describe him as one of the most influential and most widely read mathematicians of all ... ost influential and most widely read mathematicians of all times would accurately portray Euclid of Alexandria. His fame comes from his writings, in particular his masterpiece, The Elements, the long ... cademy in Athens and stayed there until invited to teach at Ptolemy I's newly founded university in Alexandria in Egypt. It is there he is believed to have stayed until the time of his death.All menti ...

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it is known that he taught mathematics at the museum. Euclid probably studied in Athens and came to Alexandria shortly after 300 b.c. at the invitation of the Egyptian ruler Ptolemy I. Euclid began ac ...

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guage and referred to herself as the daughter of the sun god ("Cleopatra VII" 377). Her capital was Alexandria, discovered by Alexander the Great, and was an excellent center of Hellenistic Greek cult ... Antony was forty-one, and Cleopatra was twenty-eight (Nardo 40). Antony followed Cleopatra back to Alexandria forgetting his wife Fulvia in Italy. Fulvia had formed an army against Octavius requiring ...

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Cleopatra 7th

B. C. by Alexander the Great. She grew up one of six children in the luxury of the royal palace in Alexandria, a vast cluster of Greek-colonnaded buildings surrounded by beautiful gardens and fruit t ... e languages enabled Cleopatra to communicate with her Egyptian subjects and many of the settlers in Alexandria. Like her father she was especially interested in the philosophy of governing that sought ...

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A Speech For Speech Class

ches. How many of you have ever lived in a really big city? .... I don't mean somewhere like Alexandria or Monroe or even Natchitoches, I mean a big city. I grew up in Denver Colorado. My mom a ...

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To Live in a Third World Country

ple of what Egypt has to offer, I have come to the conclusion that I prefer to raise my children in Alexandria or Aswan, Egypt as opposed to the United States of America. I tend to gravitate towards p ...

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Cleopatra VII

a young royal female heir to a throne. Cleopatra's younger brother drove her out of the capital of Alexandria with the help of Ptolemy's advisors.Cleopatra fled Alexandria, to Syria, where she formed ... y's advisors.Cleopatra fled Alexandria, to Syria, where she formed a mercenary army to take back to Alexandria in hopes to overthrow her brother's position. In the meantime, Julius Caesar was arriving ...

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