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rts -- the north and the south. The north was occupied by communist Russian forces and the south by American troops. The dividing line was the 38th parallel(see map). In 1950, a civil war began betwee ... s, North Korea attacked South Korea in June of 1950. The South Koreans pushed into North Korea with American aid. But the Soviet Union, helped the North Koreans to push the South Koreans back . 'Durin ...

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Pearl Harbor

elivered a stunning blow to the United States. The brilliant, twowave attack, utterly surprised the Americans. Over 2,000 American sailors were killed in this onslaught, as well as109 marines, and 218 ... marines, and 218 soldiers 1. By looking at what Japan did preceding the attack one can see how the Americantroops should have been better prepared for such an attack.The Japanese started their milita ...

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Gulf War Syndrome

An American Crisis: Gulf War SyndromeImagine a soldier that is willing to die for his country in the Pe ... yndromeImagine a soldier that is willing to die for his country in the Persian Gulf region, so that Americans could pay less for petroleum products in the Gulf, the soldier serves his country, with ho ... r, loyalty, and dignity. In an attempt to win the war, Saddam Hussein launches a chemical attack on American troops, leaving some soldiers with a lot of incurable symptoms. Such symptoms include heada ...

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"War on Hussein" The war against Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and whether or not Bush should attack. (Modern World History)

t George W. Bush) The U.S. army's war stocks have recently doubled in Kuwait due to an expansion of American troops at a base close to the Iraqi border. These facts give sufficient evidence that the a ... e action whether or not the UN and Congress give him their support. From another point of view, the American people will not support or endorse U.S.-led action without a "specific provocation" (Zakari ...

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Why Germany lost the First World War

ear factor" which the German forces must have experienced if only contemplating the sheer number of American troops that would soon be ascending on them. Although it took them until 1918 to get into a ...

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Growing troubles between the North and South.

States all of present-day Oregon, Washington, and Idaho and parts of Wyoming and Montana. Polk had American troops defending the border of Texas and tried to purchase a huge tract of land from the al ... ns. They refused and Polk decided to ask Congress for a declaration of war. Mexican forces attacked American troops on disputed territory and Americans died before he had the chance to give his list o ...

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War on Iraq

ns a prolonged guerilla campaign similar to the one that ultimately caused the Russians to go home. American troops are particularly targeted. American bases are infiltrated with (take your choice of ... y' there, the vaunted success of air power is touted as a template for what is to come in Iraq. The American public is being given the good news, withheld from the bad.A pillar of Iraq theory has it t ...

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Post Traumtic stress syndrome in Tim Obriens "The Things They Carried".

American troops evacuated Saigon, South Vietnam on March 25, 1973. Three million veterans survived a ...

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The First Semole war of 1817

ettlers attacked Florida Indians and the Indians retaliated by raiding isolated Georgia homesteads. Americans believed Spain had incited the Seminoles against the white settlers.The First Seminole War ... Florida to punish hostile Seminole Indians, whose territory had become a refuge for runaway slaves. American troops on July 27, 1816, had destroyed the Seminole stronghold of Fort Apalachicola, on the ...

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Presidential War Powers

with great affect, making the president the ultimate decision maker to decide whether or not to put American troops in harms way. Yes, many times in the past presidents have put troops into hostile an ... ecutive branch and congress have fought long and hard over whom has the constitutional right to put American troops into battle risking American lives. Laws have been passed, vetoed, struck down, and ...

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Was it necassary to drop the bombs on Japan in 1945? YES!

The most obvious reason for the dropping of the Atomic Bombs was to end the war and minimize both American Troops casualties and Japanese civilian casualties. The Americans had weighed up the casual ... weighed up the casualties from previous battles and rightly decided the bombs must be dropped. The American authorities saw the danger and possible loss of life in the siege of the Japanese mainland ...

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Was This War Just? A look at the war between the U.. and Iraq and its effects to the people that are involved.

as This War Just?It has been one year since U.S. president George Bush gave the green light for the American troops to invade Iraq for the purpose of ousting Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. A few coun ... ted that invasion.The military objectives have been attained. Saddam Hussein is in the hands of the American forces. An interim government friendly to American interests, which has just approved an in ...

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Paved in Innocence: The Quiet American

poken about wrongly, could incur the wrath of those around you. Yet Graham Greene's novel The Quiet American is centered around just that, as well as early U.S. involvement during the prologue to Amer ... cters: Thomas Fowler, a seasoned and cynical British war reporter and Alden Pyle, a seemingly naive American Aide Officer. Although Pyle of Graham Greene's The Quiet American has the best of motives a ...

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Vietnam War Affecting America

"Vietnam is still with us. It has created doubts about American judgment, about American credibility, about American power--not only at home, but throughou ... ant price for the decisions that were made in good faith and for good purpose."At one point in time American troops were then given the "permit to use more active defense," and soon after, the number ... ere then given the "permit to use more active defense," and soon after, the number soared to 82,000 American troops in Vietnam. From there, the American defense quickly turned into an offense, and tra ...

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The Korean War- A general summary of "The Forgotten War", including causes and effects

n countries would meet a similar fate, known as the "domino effect". After World War II, Soviet and American troops occupied the Korean peninsula, under Japanese control since 1895, one on each side o ... Wars into a bitter rivalry which finally ended in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall.Perhaps we Americans have pushed the Korean War into the back of our minds because it was overshadowed by WW II ...

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Saving Private Ryan Movie Analysis

ose men went through in 1944. Other than the Germans, the movie leaves out every country except the Americans. "Saving Private Ryan," shows only the Americans landing on D-Day, and secludes every othe ... ns, British, Free French, or Polish troops. As well, in the battle and the entire movie, no African-American, Japanese, Hispanic, or Native American troops were shown at all. Only Japanese and African ...

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Acceptance essay

en every class that I could on the military aspect of the policy. I have studied the history of the American troops abroad and as a means to an end in US foreign policy. The classes I have taken at co ...

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The 1970s: Losing Faith in the Government

The 1970s is the time when Americans start losing faith in the federal government. They have good reason to. It seems that the ... blem. If I was living in the 70s, I would have lost faith in my government. One document that gave Americans a bad impression is the Pentagon Papers released by former Defense Department worker Danie ... s to Vietnam. The papers also revealed that as long as North Vietnam attacked, there will always be American troops on Vietnamese soil. The Pentagon Papers added fuel in turning an already disturbed U ...

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The Costs and Benefits of the Mexican War

from California to Texas for only $15 million plus a United States promise to assume the claims of Americans against the Mexican government. This gave America the prize of California, which it had so ... ht before, as well as respect from foreign nations, particularly Britain, that looked down upon the American military as week and ineffective. The war had a downside, however, it created more conflict ...

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Vietnam War

THE VIETNAM WARThe Vietnam War began in 1960 with the introduction of American troops into Vietnam. At this time my father was 7 years old and can not recall knowing much ... at time the war was being fought between the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong on one side and the Americans, Australians and South Vietnamese on the other. The North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong wer ... nd the Viet Cong were fighting to unify North Vietnam and South Vietnam as a communist country. The Americans and Australians were fighting alongside the South Vietnamese armed forces to stop the take ...

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