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Clinical Chemistry Tests in Medicine

trogen (BUN) is an end-product of protein metabolism. Like most of the other molecules in the body, amino acids are constantly renewed. In the course of this turnover, they may undergo deamination, th ... onstantly renewed. In the course of this turnover, they may undergo deamination, the removal of the amino group. Deamination, which takes place principally in the liver, results in the formation of am ...

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Detection of biological molecules. Lab work.

rung together. Biological molecules can be distinguished by their functional groups. Forexample, an amino group is present in amino acids, and a carboxyl group can always befound in fatty acids. The g ... iodine test for the presenceof starch, the Sudan III test for fatty acids, and the Biuret test for amino groups present inproteins. The last part of this lab takes an unknown substance and by the fou ...

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Creatine: Advantages Versus Disadvantages

s energy to our muscles. Chemically it is called methylguanid-acetic acid and it is formed from the amino acids methoinine and glycine when they are combined through a chemical process (Phillips 49). ...

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Determination of an unknown amino acid from a titration curve

AbstractExperiment 11 used a titration curve to determine the identity of an unknown amino acid. The initialpH of the solution was 1.96, and the pKa's found experimentally were 2.0, 4.0 ... s calculated to be 176.3 whilethe accepted value was found to be 183.5. The identity of the unknown amino acid was established to beglutamic acid, hydrochloride.IntroductionAmino acids are simple mono ... haracterized by the general structure shown in figure 1.Fig. 1Although the general structure of all amino acids follows figure 1, the presence of a zwitterion is madepossible due to the basic properti ...

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Breast Milk: The Only Food That Baby Needs. This paper describes why breast feeding is most beneficial to a baby and the mother as well.

ted than cow's milk. "Human milk contains just the right amount of fatty acids, lactose, water, and amino acids for human digestion, brain development, and growth." (Breast Feeding or Formula?) Breast ...

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Compare the Circulatory system and the Lymphatic system.

rient and to remove their waste substances. Tissue fluid is an aqueous solution containing glucose, amino acids, fatty acids, inorganic ions, oxygen and hormones, which diffuse into the tissue cells t ...

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"Experiment to investigate the effect of osmosis in potatoes" A GCSE experiment looking at the effects of the concentration of sucrose solution on osmosis in potato tubers.

t prevent others. A cell membrane is semi permeable. They allow small molecules like oxygen, water, amino acids etc. to pass through but will not allow larger molecules like sucrose, starch, protein e ...

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Proteins, their uses, structure etc.

Protein, from the Greek proteios, or 'primary', is described as being a large number of amino acids linked by peptide bonds. They are the basis of living organisms account for over 50% of ... e long fibrous forms used in connective tissues.All proteins are combinations of about 20 differing amino acids each combined of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and occasionally sulphur. The amino ... orm peptide bonds between each other, thus forming a polypeptide chain. The huge number of possible amino acid combinations and the intricate primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary structures the ...

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Catalase investigation

e. Since the active site for all molecules of one enzyme will be made up of the same arrangement of amino acids, it has a highly specific shape. The enzyme and substrate fit together through an induce ...

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Lab report on enzyme activity.

the reaction without being consumed by the reaction. Enzymes are proteins made up of long chains of amino acids. These form complex shapes. The enzymes are individuals, like the different players on a ... actually attaches to the substrate. Usually the active site is formed by only a few of the enzyme's amino acids, the rest is just the framework that reinforces the active site. In an enzymatic reactio ...

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All about Bacteria.

ll wall made of peptidoglycan, a network of polysaccharide molecules linked together with chains of amino acids. Some eubacteria have a cell wall covered with an outer membrane layer made of large mol ...

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Translation and Protein Synthesis- the role of various RNA and the process of synthesis

is the process that makes the distinct change from the information in the nucleic acids to those in amino acids. In essence, the hereditary instructions for building proteins are encoded in the nucleo ... f two different rRNA-molecules and different proteins that are responsible for linking together the amino acids being delivered to the ribosome by tranfer-RNA molecules. The translation of a messenger ...

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The Nitrogen Cycle

Nitrogen is an essential component of amino acids and nucleic acids, which are the building blocks of all living things. Nitrogen makes up ... ccurs when denitrifying bacteria convert NO3- back to N2.From the NH4+ or NO3- absorbed plants make amino acids and nucleic acids. When animals eat the plants or other animals, they, in turn, obtain a ... nd animals die, they decompose through the process of ammonification, in which bacteria convert the amino acids and other nitrogen-containing compounds to NH4+, which then becomes available for plants ...

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Enzyme Summary

. The first variable is an enzyme's primary structure. A primary structure is just a combination of amino acids. There are twenty different amino acids that the primary structure can be created from. ... ry enzyme has a different order that the acids are placed in and each one has a different number or amino acids. The slightest change in this structure can affect a protein's conformation and function ...

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Describe the role of DNA in protien synthesis

would die because it would not be able to reproduce protein. Protein is made out of a long chain of amino acids. It is made in cytoplasm of the cells.Protein synthesis is dependant of the DNA being pr ... ted into codons. Codons are three bases of the mRNA. Each codon once translated will mean a certain amino acid is added to the ribosome. Anther type of RNA is needed to translate the codons. They are ...

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An investigation into the effect of substrate concentration on the activity of the enzyme catalase in potato tissue.

re held in the active site by forming temporary bonds with the hydrophilic R groups of the enzyme's amino acids.Here we have a diagram showing the 'lock and key' theory of enzyme action. sumeetbanker, ...

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Investigating the effect of temperature on the action of a protease enzyme on exposed developed film

xposed developed film.Enzymes are biological catalysts. They are made in livings things built up by amino acids to make protein. Enzymes are able to speed up reactions and can repeat reactions.There a ...

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Trypsin Investigation

prove that temperature effects the rate in which the enzyme Trypsin breaks down milk substrate into amino acids.Investigation"We strongly recommend the use of Vanish Stain Removal Tablets inconjunctio ... 1781;۵ ۵۵ ۵ ۵ ۵ ۵۵ ۵ ۵Proteins Peptides Amino AcidsThe cells in the human pancreas are made of protein, which enzymes digest, so you would e ...

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What is Mitochondria?

gy source for the cell.Cells need energy for other processes such as the synthesis of proteins from amino-acids and the replication of DNA. This energy usually comes from the breakdown of glucose; tho ...

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This describes the Nitrogen Cycle.

gure 1). Nitrogen is used by living organisms to produce a number of complex organic molecules like amino acids, proteins, and nucleic acids. The largest store of nitrogen is found in the atmosphere w ...

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