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Poisonous snakes

2 to 6 ft. long, throughout W. Hemisphere. Rapid onset of severe pain, swelling; mortality low, but amputation of affected digits is sometimes necessary; antivenom. Mojave rattler may produce temporar ...

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Making friends with the enemy. Is it wrong to associate with prisoners of war that are from the other side?

An American surgeon is preparing to perform an amputation on a prisoner in Cuba. This is a very vital operation, and can be very hard on a person e ...

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I know this much is true" by Wally Lamb.

I Know This Much Is TrueThis novel begins with a paranoid schizophrenic man's sacrificial amputation on behalf of God and peace. This well-crafted, character-driven novel maintains that edgy ...

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Warfare During WWI

gged trenches, the feet would begin to numb, change color, and swell, and this would soon result in amputation. There was one way to cure trench foot without amputation, and that was to dry feet and c ...

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Revenge caused by injury and it's consequences in Herman Melville's "Moby Dick"

s on a suicide voyage in search for the elusive whale Moby Dick who severed his leg to the point of amputation. Ahab's true intentions hidden from the clueless crew, as demented captain searches for h ...

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Body modification

Body adornment and modification is a very broad subject, ranging from ceremonial body paint to the amputation of appendages. In modern society many people today are looking more like tribal warriors ... mately sixty years ago, and is now said to be one of the most popular ways in expressing one's self.Amputation of body parts is yet another form of body modification. According to an article in Body M ...

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Civil War Medical Practices

es were also used to drain blood. Many, as a result, died from an intentional loss of blood. Amputation was the most common among all the procedures. In fact, 71% of all bullet wounds resulted ... cedures. In fact, 71% of all bullet wounds resulted in the amputation of a limb. Also, all of these amputations were usually done using little to no anesthetics. Just imagine some doctor, most likely ...

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Unhumane procedure - Declawing Cats

Cats Come with ClawsDeclawing is the amputation of a cat's claws at the first joint. Compared to humans declawing is the amputation of ea ... omy, an alternative procedure exists, but has deficiencies. Declawing is ten excruciatingly painful amputations with only one purpose, human convenience. To declaw a cat is inhumane.Cats are digitigra ... st bone or digit of the human finger or toe.Onychectomy, the most common surgical procedure, is the amputation of the claw at the first toe bone joint. For the surgery, the cat is put under general an ...

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"Dances With Wolves"

. It begins dramatically with the badly wounded Dunbar who would rather choose death than allow the amputation of his foot. He charges the Confederate lines and so, unwittingly, becomes a hero.Allowed ...

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Frederick Banting Biography

ting, he served in the Canadian Army Medical Corps in World War I where he was wounded but declined amputation and persisted upon helping people. His bravery earned him a Military Cross. Banting wante ...

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"Mama Might Be Better Off Dead": The Failure of Health Care Urban America

s like high blood pressure, peripheral vascular disease, and diabetes which eventually leads to the amputation of both of her legs, her father Tommy who is left with disabilities from a stroke, and he ...

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. Believe it or not, a small but significant population of the world is infatuated with the idea of amputation as a form of therapy. This is apotemnophilia, a condition that is being studied the world ... ologist or with medicine, but these people on the inside disagree. What others don't understand is, amputation is their cure for their mental anguish. They are convinced that nothing else can help the ...

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reets, houses etc., fist fights, group beatings, kidnapings, doing drugs, selling drugs, car-jacks, amputation, robbery, friend?s deaths, enemies? deaths, being shot, knife fights, police abuse, jail ...

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Aaron kornylos struggle in crossbar

this changes abruptly and violently when a farming accident almost kills Aaron and necessitates the amputation of his leg. With his leg severed by a harvester, driven by his father, Aaron is continual ...

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What are artificial body parts? Doctors and bioengineers, scientists who

For many years prosthetists in this country fit a socket called the "plug fit" for above knee amputations · Like today's "high-tech" above knee socket it too, was an ischial conta ...

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Cross Pollination of Ideas in the Crusades

experiments were brutal and extremely cruel, but they did help medicine, especially in the areas of amputation and the grafting of body parts. The Crusades were no different in this respect; ideas and ...

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Landmine Report

up.As it explodes it pushes dirt alsointo your leg causing infection which will result in a higher amputation.Lastly Fragmentation AP Landmines these mines are practically just stuffed withsmall peic ... n tested for aids/HIV or any other diseases.Anaesthetic often isnt available when a patient needsan amputation.Patients need lots of rest after an operationup to 32 days in hospital.When the wounds he ...

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Conflict Diamonds in Sierra Leone

es. The work conditions were horrible and they were usually punished for not working hard enough by amputation or mutilation in order to scare others who saw them afterwards. Once they had control of ...

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Free Living Flatworm Regeneration and the Practical Applications of Studying Their Regenerative Capabilities

replaceing cells lost due to normal physiological turnover as well as replacing lost tissues due to amputation. The capability to regenerate is a trait that is expressed in very few of the animals in ...

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Nanotechnology, A Revolutionary Undertaking

doctors to engineer body tissue atom by atom, which would be very useful in the case of infection, amputation, or the need for new organs.Nanotechnology will greatly improve the diagnosis of disea ...

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