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The great surrealist artist Andre masson, and review of his painting 'Satan'

Andre MassonAndre Masson (1896-1987) was one of the major early French Surrealist painters. A close friend ... fundamental impulses of love and hatred - and reacting to the Spanish Civil War. In the early 40s, Masson moved to America and became interested in mythical imagery. Many of his paintings from this p ... etail, this work evokes a sense of energy and movement. As one of the foremost Surrealist artist's, Masson encouraged his viewer to interpret his work not merely on a literal level but rather on both ...

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History of Surrealism

of the unique and unusual modifications of the objects.German Max Ernst (1891 - 1976), André Masson (1893 - 1983), and Spaniard Joan Miró (1893 - 1987), and Man Ray (1890 - 1976) were th ... - 1976) were the first artists to work with Surrealist techniques (Surrealism, n.d.). An example of Masson's influential designs consisted of curving, warping, and uninterrupted lines that emerged fro ...

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